Thursday, August 19, 2010

Mineral Education

 Hi All,

Mineral water we have heard but whats Mineral doing with Education ? Trying to introduce a new term to you all because of its significant importance in the current education scenario.

Just take example that you are drinking normal tape water , our body mechanism is such that you will start resisting to the water impurities because our body has such a refined resistance system that it automatically create some anti virus protection mechanism that it will not harm you. But the condition goes worst when the atmosphere or weather changes , water changes and your body’s anti virus mechanism stops working because of the change which your body can’t resist . Then there is a concept of mineral or pure water , which is available every where and don’t have impurities so that there is no use of any antivirus agent to work on the body.
Please jot down two important points from the last paragraph , so that we can take its influence for getting thinking point for the term “Mineral Education”
1)      If we are moving in-between different cities or countries then to keep you healthy , water needs to be purified or mineralized.
2)      If you are drinking normal tape water , then it should be same in different cities or in different atmosphere / Environment. Which is never possible.
Just think : Current education delivered by the mushrooming colleges/Schools / Institutes is like tape water only, which was delivered for  the sake that you want to survive only.
But please think……
Environment/ Atmosphere will definitely change, recession 2009 is current example for this. Technology / Requirements / Qualification requirement/ Industry scenarios/ People / Policies will definitely change.
What only is required:Purification or adding minerals in your education or knowledge, which will give you health when things are changing.
By mineral or Purification in terms of Education or knowledge I mean to say , some extra qualities/ Certifications. Soft Skills/ Analytical and technical skills which will serve you as a mineral education and make you fit for the perfect in any changing environment.

Love You all, will elaborate my View’s on this new term “Mineral Education” in my next blog.

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